Program Resources

Program Descriptions

The information about each program, including the approximate quota, stream, and location can be found below. You can access more details, including what they are looking for from the applicants, by clicking on each university’s logo. 

Program Directors' Contact Information

The following Neurosurgery Residency Program Directors that joined us and participated in our CaRMS Night event have kindly consented to share their email contact information. Medical students are welcome and encouraged to contact Program Directors to connect and ask their pertinent questions regarding residency.

Dr. Fahad AlKherayf

University of Ottawa

Dr. Jeffery Atkinson

McGill University

Dr jocelyn blanchard

Université de Sherbrooke

Dr. Nir Lipsman

University of Toronto

Dr. Jay Riva-Cambrin

University of Calgary

Dr. Keith MacDougall

University of Western Ontario


University of Alberta

Dr. Lissa Peeling

University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Ash Singhal

University of British Columbia

Dr. Gwynedd Pickett

Dalhousie University

Dr. Colin Kazina

University of Manitoba


McMaster University