From Neuron to Neurotechnology: Journeys in Epilepsy Research and Neurosurgical Leadership

CaMSIGN was delighted to host Dr. Valiante in an event consisting of 33 participants from across Canada with a diversity of backgrounds including engineering and medicine. In his talk, Dr. Valiante highlighted the uniqueness of epilepsy in uniting the operating room with scientific processes. The presentation provided a fascinating look into the current research being performed in his lab “From Neuron to Brain” where he uses mathematics to understand the biological mechanisms of epilepsy. This was our first event of the innovations in neurosurgery series and we have more exciting events planned in the future.

About Professor Taufik Valiante:
Dr. Valiante graduated from the MD/PhD program at the University of Toronto in 1997, and completed an epilepsy neurosurgery fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr. Valiante is a Staff Neurosurgeon (Epilepsy Surgery, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, and Cranial Neurosurgery) and Surgeon-Scientist at University Health Network and Department of Surgery, University of Toronto. He is interested in understanding the building blocks of the human brain, and the ultimate manifestation of their collective activity. His collaborations with amazing scientists and students allow him to contribute to research on memory, eye movements, epilepsy, biophysical properties of neurons, computational modelling, mathematical modelling, neuromodulation, development of physical tools, and brain-machine interfaces.