Chronic Subdural Hematomas - Dr. Mark MacLean

Dr. Mark MacLean is a PGY-3 Neurosurgical Resident at Dalhousie University. Born and raised in Halifax, he completed his First-Class Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry (2011), followed by an M.Sc. in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2013) and his M.D. (2018) at Dalhousie University. Mark is an emerging leader in the neurosurgical community and serves as Vice President of the Canadian Neurosurgery Research Collaborative. He has published numerous peer-reviewed papers. He was recently awarded the prestigious K.G. McKenzie Memorial Prize, considered the top research prize in Canada for a neurosurgery resident. The topic of this journal club meet was: “Chronic Subdural Hematomas: a paradigm shift in pathophysiology and treatment strategies?”