Teachings on Pediatric Neurosurgery: Case Presentations for Medical Students

The team at CaMSIGN was incredibly honoured and pleased to welcome Dr. Nicholas Sader to lead case discussions related to pediatric neurosurgery. This was a great opportunity for medical students to participate, learn, and practice their clinical skills in a safe and judgement-free environment in order to prepare for their neurosurgery rotations or electives. The cases discussed were related to posterior fossa tumours and myelomeningoceles. 

To respect student confidentiality the recording will not be posted. You are always welcome to join these sessions live and participate or observe.

About Dr. Sader: 
Dr. Nicholas Sader is a PGY-5 neurosurgery resident at the University of Calgary who completed his Bachelor of Science degree and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He recently defended his MSc in Clinical Epidemiology under the supervision of Dr. Jay Riva-Cambrin and Dr. Keith Yeates while enrolled in the Clinical Investigator program at the University of Calgary. His research looks at the largest prospective, concurrent cohort of children with a concussion to date, including advanced neuroimaging. Specifically, if a novel MRI technique called quantitative susceptibility mapping can help diagnose and predict concussion recovery in children. The study’s results will provide insights into how mild TBI affects brain structure and help promote advances in clinical care for children with a concussion by facilitating diagnosis and recovery prediction. He plans to pursue a fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery after completing his residency. He aspires to contribute as a neurosurgeon-scientist pushing the boundaries of concussion and pediatric neurosurgery research leading to improved patient care.