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CaMSIGN was delighted to act as a link between neurosurgery programs across Canada and medical students who applied for the match in this cycle. Given the current COVID-19 climate and the cancellation of away electives, we believe that a closer connection between students and programs was more crucial than ever before. This page was dedicated to events hosted by programs and includes an extensive resource list in preparation for CaRMS.

We would like to congratulate all incoming neurosurgery residents including our very own senior blog manager, Jasleen Saini, and wish good luck to future CaRMS applicants. 

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CaRMS Night: Overview of Neurosurgery Programs

CaMSIGN is delighted to present the first cross-provincial CaRMS neurosurgery program overview, featuring the majority of neurosurgery programs across Canada! The goal of this initiative is for students to familiarize themselves with each residency program, their culture, and their unique features.